Board Members 2016-17


Susan Peters

VP of Meetings Suzan Fornof &

Maureen McClellan

VP of Programs 

Alice Johnson


Paula Huntington


Carrie Harrison


Suzan Fornof 

North County Quilters' Association

Board Members and Committee Chairs

Board members and Committee chairs volunteer their time to ensure that our guild follows its by-laws and guidelines as well as to provide interesting programs for our members and guests. Individuals typically serve a two-year term.

Board Members 2016-17

President                        Susan Peters
VP of Meetings              Suzan Fornof & Maureen McClellan
VP of Programs             Tonita Waters
Secretary                        Paula Huntington
Treasurer                       Carrie Harrison
Parliamentarian            Suzan Fornof

Committee Chairs 2016-17

Advertising/Publicity    Joanne Eichler
Block of the Month       Rita McFayden
Fat Quarters                   Janis Newlin
Good Cheer Quilts        Claire Jungerson, Linda Steiner,
                                          Sandy Hunter & Sue Ragan
Greeter/Door Prizes      Alice Johnson
Historian                         Margarita Kent      
Hospitality                      Janeen Dell ‘Acqua & Gail McDaniels
Membership                   Romany Bowers
Mini Quilts                     Carol Koleszar
Neighborhood Groups 

         Sundance Kids      Paula Huntington
         Escondido South  Joanne Eichler
Newsletter                      Carol Macaluso
Opportunity Quilt         Sundance Kids
Quilt Show                     Monica Scott & Tonita Waters
Rare Bears                      Tonita Waters
Security Blankets          Maureen McClellan
Website                           Monica Scott
Wheelchair Quilts         Alice Johnson
White Elephant             Karolyn Hart & Louise Anselmo