Board Members 2016-17


Susan Peters

VP of Meetings Suzan Fornof &

Maureen McClellan

VP of Programs 

Alice Johnson


Paula Huntington


Carrie Harrison


Suzan Fornof 

North County Quilters' Association

About Us

The North County Quilters’ Association (NCQA) was formed by a group of passionate quilters in the mid 1980's, and currently has a membership of 100.  The primary reason for the guild’s existence is to give something back to the community while sharing the art of quilting to everyone interested in the craft. NCQA is a non-profit/tax-exempt organization as authorized by Section 501(c)(3) of IRS regulations; our funding resources include membership dues, ticket sales for Opportunity Quilts created by our members, and proceeds from our Quilt Show and Sale.  We have monthly meetings where local and national quilting experts share their work and techniques, and occasionally present workshops to our members. We pay each speaker a fee, and have expenses for our meeting facilities and workshops and other operating expenses. A significant amount of the funds collected each year go to support local worthy organizations; in 2015, our donations went to these organizations:

In addition to cash donations that the NCQA gives to local charities, we also donate quilts to several organizations.  Members make “Good Cheer” quilts to give to children in need through Interfaith Community Services, and we also make fleece blankets for the Palomar Health Foundation Forensic Health Services in Escondido to support those in crisis.  

Board Members and Committee Chairs

Board Members ensure that by-laws and guidelines are followed by our guild. The yearly guild directory includes the by-laws and guidelines. Committee Chairs and members volunteer their time to ensure that our guild provides interesting programs and projects for our members and guests.  No member of NCQA is paid for their work and typically serve a two-year term.

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